Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'L' is for Lolly Cake

Welcome back to Term 4 and what better way to start than with food.
In Room 8 this week we have been looking at the letter "Ll" and this morning we made lolly cake.
We heated up 100grams of butter and half a tin of condensed milk, then we used a rolling pin to crush the whole packet of malt biscuits in a plastic bag. We mixed in a packet of cut up Eskimo lollies at the end. We tipped the mixture into the dish and smoothed it out. We put the lolly cake in the fridge to set.
Tomorrow afternoon we are going to taste our lolly cake. We are thinking about what it might taste like?
Lovely Lolly Cake on PhotoPeach

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  1. Did you like the lovely lollicake Room 8?

    It looks yummy scrummy!