Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Playground and Sandpit Fun

After our Athletics running races Ms Tataurangi let us play on the playground by ourselves. Yay.
Then after lunch we got to do our learning in the sandpit. We had to share what we were making and creating. Ms Tataurangi asked us to explain what we were doing. If we said "Look at this", Ms Tataurangi would say "Tell me more, because 'this' is not enough". We really worked hard to extend our thoughts, ideas and words to show what we had made. What a cool fun learning time. 

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  1. Hi Superstars! We are a Grade One class on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia. We live on Vancouver Island. Looking at the pictures of you playing in the sandpit in the sunshine makes us envious! It is not very cold here, but it is RAINY! Are you looking forward to Christmas?
    from Mrs. Nessman's Grade Ones