Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Playground and Sandpit Fun

After our Athletics running races Ms Tataurangi let us play on the playground by ourselves. Yay.
Then after lunch we got to do our learning in the sandpit. We had to share what we were making and creating. Ms Tataurangi asked us to explain what we were doing. If we said "Look at this", Ms Tataurangi would say "Tell me more, because 'this' is not enough". We really worked hard to extend our thoughts, ideas and words to show what we had made. What a cool fun learning time. 

We are the King's of the Mountain

When we read our Shared Book, 'I'm the King of the Mountain', we made crowns and stood on top of a 'mountain' by the field and shouted "I'm the King of the Mountain".
We drew designs and pictures on our crowns using a vivid and then coloured them in.
We think they look cool.
Come and have a look at our big pictures hanging up in our classroom.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

100% Attendance - Term 3

Congratulations to Dante and Mark
who came to school every day last term.
You are SuperStars.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'L' is for Lolly Cake

Welcome back to Term 4 and what better way to start than with food.
In Room 8 this week we have been looking at the letter "Ll" and this morning we made lolly cake.
We heated up 100grams of butter and half a tin of condensed milk, then we used a rolling pin to crush the whole packet of malt biscuits in a plastic bag. We mixed in a packet of cut up Eskimo lollies at the end. We tipped the mixture into the dish and smoothed it out. We put the lolly cake in the fridge to set.
Tomorrow afternoon we are going to taste our lolly cake. We are thinking about what it might taste like?
Lovely Lolly Cake on PhotoPeach