Friday, 2 September 2011

Jump Rope For Heart Fun

Today we did Jump Rope For Heart. We did lots of skipping until it rained and we had to stop.

This is what we think about JRFH:

Bailee: I know how to skip with two legs.

Mark: I liked jumping on two legs.

Sisilina: I liked the skipping rope.
Fetoa: I can skip with two legs.
Schaniyah: I liked skipping with Olivia.
Rosalia: I can jump over the rope.
Adirua: I like to skip fast.
Isaac: I jumped over the rope and I was skipping.
Jordan: I liked to skip over the rope.
Carol: I skipped with my friends.
Paimarie: I like skipping.
Nyree-Ann: I liked skipping with Ashley.
Ashley: I liked drawing with Nyree-Ann.
Olivia: I liked skipping with Amanda.
Sardonyx: I liked skipping with my sister, Serenity.
Kipri: I was learning how to skip today.
Angeline: I liked skipping with all of my friends.
Ms Tataurangi: I really enjoyed seeing all the Superstars of Room 8 having a go at skipping today. I am really proud of you all. xx


  1. is this cool or wat room8 u guys are really superstars this is so cooooooollllllll!!!!!:):)


  2. Mrs Tataurangi's mummy thinks that you are fantastic at skipping Room 8 Super Stars

  3. Thank you for your super comments.
    We ARE superstars, aren't we?
    Room 8