Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Making Butter

Today we made butter to go with our yummy scones.


  1. I bet your arms got tired with all that shaking! But what a yummy reward!

  2. Awww Room 8 you forgot to let Miss Breen try you're delicious looking scones and butter! Next time you clever bunch make some yummy food, remember to let me have a taste! Good work!

  3. What neat little kids you are. You must have enjoyed eating your yummy butter after all the hard work of making it yourselves!

  4. talofa lava mrs tataurangi.
    cpsroom10 is right your arms must be tried from all that shaking....:):):)

    luarrell room 4

  5. To Miss Breen - We are sorry we didn't have enough scones left to share with you. When we make our next fun kai we will make sure we share with you.
    xx Room 8 xx